Three reasons to relocate your family to Marbella

There’s been a huge paradigm shift in the world of work over the last few years, not least because of the Covid pandemic. However, several factors combined to make previously office-bound employees significantly more mobile. Now, faster, reliable internet connections and software enables conferences to take place between colleagues or clients that previously required face-to-face meetings.

Nueva Andalucia sea views

This has conspired to produce a flexible, remote working cohort of employees who are asking themselves if they really want to struggle in to work every day when they could be getting coffee from their own kitchen and working from home.

If you want to commute less and see more of your family, we have some reasons why Marbella is the perfect place for remote workers who are questioning their work/ life balance in the age of working from home (WFH).


To work from home, the most important factor must be whether there is an infrastructure that will support it. Effectively this means, ‘is my internet connection going to go on the fritz when I’m on an important conference call??’ Well, Marbella and the surrounding areas do have a great choice of providers. The more competition for your business, the more competitive their offers and there are some excellent, economical fibre optic packages that will ensure your home-office is always online.


Homeworkers have families, so a variety of good schools is paramount. Luckily, some of the best international schools on the coast are within easy distance of Marbella. Private schools offering Spanish, English, American, German and Swedish curricula mean that the little ones should be as happy as their parents to make the permanent move to Marbella.

Outdoors lifestyle

Many of those who choose to relocate permanently to Marbella do so because they are escaping the long, dark winters of their home countries. The almost permanent sunshine of the Costa del Sol is very appealing when you’re battling wind and rain and it’s dark at 3pm in Winter. Here, you can do a day’s work, or finish school, and head down to the beach to walk your dog. Maybe you’d like to hit some balls on the driving range or have a game of tennis – the range of activities for sports and nature lovers is extensive and year-round.

Of course, relocating to Marbella means buying somewhere you love. Whether you are WFH or in an office, there is little point relocating permanently if you can’t find the property that you and your family want to call home. That’s where we come in. We have extensive experience of helping people relocate and start a new life here. We can advise you on just the right property that will ensure you’re only ever thankful for making the move to Marbella!

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