Expat survey puts Spain and Marbella on top

Expats from around the world once again confirmed that Spain is their favourite place to live and enjoy life, with Marbella top of the list for the climate, quality of life and properties it offers.

Moving to Spain

Almost 22,000 people from 39 countries participated in the annual HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, which for its reach and depth is regarded as one of the most authoritative information sources of its kind in the world.

Singapore claimed top spot on the financial, career and ease of doing business scales, indicating that for business-oriented expats it is the destination of choice, yet when it comes to lifestyle considerations Spain was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the clear favourite.

Spain is the lifestyle choice…

Scoring high for climate, quality of life, social interaction and a family-orientated society, Spain is one of the global stars when it comes to the experience of living there. However, the country was also to be found at or near the top of the table for factors such as healthcare, safety, culture and the quality, choice and value of its real estate – all of which explain why so many international buyers look for property for sale in Marbella and its surroundings

For many of these criteria the country is ranked between first and fourth, confirming that for the considerations that really matter to lifestyle-driven expats it continues to be the preferred international choice. In the field of education the results were not broken down or qualified, but if they had been the statistics would have shown that the international schools and semi-private colleges in Spain are among the global elite.

…and Marbella is the best in Spain

This is particularly true of regions such as the Costa del Sol, where it is especially easy for foreign residents and homeowners to settle in, and the amenities are very much geared towards expats. Spain did very well on national attributes such as quality of life, social living and its cultural wealth, but had the Costa del Sol been taken as a separate region it would also have scored very high for schooling and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is unequalled in all but the largest international centres.

Even so, the eight edition of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey confirms what we who live here already know – namely that Spain, and Marbella in particular – is the ultimate lifestyle choice in Europe.

Published on 06 October 2015 in News

Mary Dunne

Mary Dunne

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