Black Friday 2016!! Reduced Prices Marbella Properties

The Marbella Real Estate sector continues to be active and also follows the commercial trends, in particular Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the Christmas campaign with an aggressive discount policy.

In Spain we have imported Black Friday from the USA and it is common to see shops with offers of sales and discounts only a month away from the Christmas holidays.  Little by little that trend towards consumerism has been joined by the Property market, although in a somewhat particular manner.  Not only banks but developers or even direct owners of the properties have decided to reduce the Price of their Properties between now and the end of the year, with the aim of being more competitive during the last quarter of the year whereby traditionally sales are increased.


According to statistics published by the Ministry of Development as regards property sales, the last quarter of the year is normally a period in which more property sales are made and this tendency has been maintained over the last five years.

Since 2010, and even in the worst years of the recession, the number of sales carried out in the last quarter of the year have been traditionally higher than those in previous months.

During 2015, between October and December the sales increased by 22% in comparison to the previous quarter and up to 34% in comparison to the first 3 months of the year.

In MPDunne – Hamptons International we have selected various properties for sale during this Christmas period, with fantastic discounts due to the effects of Brexit and the fall in the British Pound and we give them a ranking of the top properties with the best discounts.

This is an ideal time to consider the purchase of a second property in a vibrant location such as Marbella.  Take advantage of the momentum and of the Black Friday bargains!

Published on 24 November 2016 in News

Mary Dunne

Mary Dunne

Mary Dunne is a highly qualified and experienced real estate broker in Marbella. Holder of a Spanish Realtor license GIPE 2.709. In 2005 she earned an MBA in Spanish Real Estate Management. A GIPE Association member, a professional organisation for qualified Real Estate agents in Spain and registered with the CEPI (European Association of Real Estate Professionals.

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