Decorating and Construction Consulting

One of the most frequently requested of our post-sales services involves the furnishing, decoration and also refurbishment of newly acquired homes. Though a large proportion of our clients are familiar with Marbella, many ask us for referrals to good furniture suppliers and especially skilled interior designers, landscapers, technicians and experts in lighting, home automation and Audio/TV systems.

Over the years we have developed a relationship with the best professionals in each of these fields, which gives us the peace of mind to refer our clients to them or manage the process on their behalf. From stunning bathrooms and kitchens to beautiful living spaces, inspiring home entertainment areas, gardens and other special features, we can provide as much or as little involvement as you need.

The same is true of the architects and builders we recommend or work with to create fabulous living environments as seen on the UK television programme Marbella Mansions, in which Mary Dunne helps her clients find the right home and design specialists to transform their vision for a home into a reality. Ultimately, our role in all of this is to save you time, money and stress whilst producing the results you have in mind.

Mary Dunne

Mary Dunne

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