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We offer the highest levels of service and marketing to help sell your property in the shortest timeframe possible and at the right price.

Naturally, marketing and sales are key skills for a real estate agency, but a professional company will take responsibility for all the important steps involved in the process:

Step 1: Setting the right price

  • We all want to do well from a business transaction, but if you want to attract potential buyers the asking price has to be realistic – if it is too far above normal market values they simply won’t come
  • For this reason a professional valuation is important, as it will accurately pinpoint the value of the property
  • You should not undervalue your property but in fact set the price so that there is room for negotiation

Step 2: Presentation

  • Sensible pricing will draw potential buyers to view your home, first online or through marketing material, and ultimately in person. The impressions they gain through this are vital in converting interest into a sale
  • For this reason even the most beautiful homes sometimes need some presentational touches such as de-cluttering, tidying, painting or fixing those little things that you have ceased to notice but buyers will pick up on
  • MP Dunne offers professional advice on how to make your home appealing to as large a potential audience of buyers as possible

Step 3: Marketing

  • We create a marketing strategy for each individual home, highlighting its particular appeal and producing quality photography and written descriptions that along with accurate specifications are used in stylish web pages, brochures and other marketing material made specifically for your property
  • Our extensive local and international network then come into play to promote your home online, offline and through professional partners to the right target audience
  • This combined with a knowledgeable, efficient and courteous sales team produces the results you want – and the track record we are proud to have built as a leading luxury Marbella real estate agent

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