Preparing your Property for Viewings

As the saying goes, “you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression”. Sometimes all it takes are a few small steps to present your property in its best light and create an outstanding first impression.

When prospective buyers view your home, they must feel at ease, unobserved, unhurried and comfortable to voice their feelings. We recommend that you be away from your property, if possible. The sales person knows the buyer and their requirements and can best emphasize your home’s unique features. If you must be present, we advise never to discuss anything concerning the sale with the client, and never apologise for appearance as it may only draw attention to negatives. Never attempt to sell furniture to a client during showings. This should only be discussed after a negotiation is complete. When the sales agent has easy access and the property has been well prepared and presented, you will insure a greater chance of buyers’ interest in a second viewing.

A few simple steps go a long way to show your property’s best features

The property should be professionally cleaned inside and out, with any needed maintenance tasks solved in advance. Upon approach, the exterior appearance of your home and the garden are first. Many potential purchasers have turned down a home simply because he/she “didn’t like the look of it”, yet the accommodation, location and price may have been perfect for that buyer.

Driveway, Garages & Carport

The driveway should be swept and discolorations removed. Ensure that the garage door is in good working order, and the garage neat and tidy.

Patios & Terraces

In Southern Spain, particularly Marbella, many people spend months living “al fresco”. As such, the outdoor living areas are very important to buyers. Attractive and comfortable outdoor furniture and proper placement will help to make this area inviting. Place flowers and candles outside if possible. Little touches go a long way.

Swimming Pools

Pools must be sparkling clean and any debris from surrounding vegetation should be swept away and removed.

The Interior

Declutter, organize and remove unnecessary personal belongings from surfaces. Open the curtains to create light and bright spaces. Place fresh flowers in vases around. Be aware of how the house smells, it should be fresh and clean smelling for all viewings.


The stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless. Throw out or pack anything you don’t use regularly. All kitchen surfaces should empty.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

These areas should be very clean with no dust, cobwebs or spatters on mirrors or surfaces. Beds should be made and linens coordinated. Closets should be clean and uncluttered to illustrate space.

Pets & Odours

Both can turn off potential buyers. Unfortunately, not all people feel comfortable
with animals and almost everyone is offended by negative odours. If you have dogs, particularly big ones, they should be kept under control or crated while the prospective buyers are viewing the property.

These basic suggestions will enhance the overall appearance of your property, and may secure you a higher price.

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