Conditions that Affect the Sale of your Property

  • Proper pricing based on comparable sales
  • Property location
  • Presentation of the property
  • Property condition
  • Agent selection

When selling your property, always remember to:

  • Choose a high profile professional agent from a well-known company who does his/her homework to properly price and promote your property.
  • Communicate regularly with your agent and expect the same.
  • Price your property correctly and keep it in top viewing condition.
  • The marketplace may be quiet today, but market conditions fluctuate constantly, tomorrow the right buyer may present him/herself.
  • PATIENCE is essential.
  • Remember, the agent is not to blame if your property does not sell quickly. Sales are based on market conditions, home condition and pricing.
  • MP Dunne Properties is a top-notch agency, well-known for delivering buyers and successfully closing transactions.
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