Valuation & Survey

We provide many property services for our clients, including surveys or home buyer reports and professional valuations for both buyers and sellers.
Here are our Marbella valuation and survey services guides; we hope you find them valuable. 

Types of Property Valuations

There are two types of property Valuations:

  • Surveys and formal valuations by qualified, registered members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Spanish Valuation Companies (Spanish banks and institutions require Spanish Appraisal Firms chosen from their panel). These companies are fully registered, compliant with the associations, and have professional indemnity. It is important to note that this valuation may differ from the actual list price as it is based on stringent regulations and official comparable property prices, which tend to be conservative. Professional valuation companies provide a comprehensive property valuation with an extensive report covering license and planning regulations. These reports can be in Spanish or English. Experienced valuation professionals will conduct a thorough survey of your property, including an inspection and analysis that assesses the condition and value of the asset.
  • Market Appraisal Valuation – this is a valuation by a Real Estate Agency that will be based on factors such as current market conditions and comparable sales prices, local knowledge of actual sales & demand in the area. In Spain, a valuation by a real estate agent is not accepted by Banks or formal institutions. Real estate agents are not obliged to submit to RICS or any other body, and a valuation by a Real estate agent is not backed by a professional body & is a matter of their opinion. Respected Real estate companies with Brand names adhere to professional standards and regulations and can usually be trusted to give correct valuations.

Why have a property appraisal?

If you are a SELLER, 

You may have your property valued, so you are sure of the correct price and value of your asset. Particularly in selling more expensive properties, it can carry weight if it has been professionally valued. If the buyers require finance, you will already have a valuation ready to go, and it can be helpful for the prospective buyers.

If the asset is a subject of litigation, divorce or probate, the courts or solicitors often request a formal valuation.

Having your property professionally valued is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner.

If you are a BUYER 

If you require finance for your purchase in Spain, you will be obliged by the bank to have a professional valuation done to assess the amount the bank will finance. Each bank has its own company they prefer to use.

However, they must accept a valuation from another company as long as that company is an accredited valuation company.

Valuations or surveys required for Spanish banks, disputes, courts, etc., will always be requested in Spanish and must be undertaken by either a “TASADOR” or “PERITO” as Spanish regulations require this.

If you are buying a large property or a new one, you may want to have a survey done to ensure the home has no serious defects or issues.

What is a Home Buyers Report?

The Home Buyer Report (Survey) aims to help you:

  • make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property,
  • make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property,
  • take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs
  • consider what further advice you should take before committing to purchase the property.

Why should I get a Home Buyers (survey) Report?

While it is not standard practice in Spain to have properties surveyed & properties are not usually contracted subject to survey, it is generally considered that properties are sold in working order.

New properties have a ten-year structural guarantee, but this does not cover snagging issues. A new property usually has one year of snagging from the handover date.

We generally advise our clients, Caveat emptor, “Let the buyer beware”, to obtain a Home buyer’s guide, particularly on high-value property. Once the title deeds have been exchanged, the owners will have no further liability.

Even a new property will sometimes have issues not apparent at simple vision and only become evident when living there.

What type of properties can MPDunne arrange Valuations for?

In principle, we can help find companies that value all properties. Still, our primary focus is on Residential Real Estate in Marbella and the surrounding areas, including villas, apartments, and townhouses. However, we can also advise on the following.

  • Investments, Developments and Land
  • Valuations and Investment and Development Appraisals
  • Building Surveys/Structural Surveys
  • Snagging Reports
  • Reports are provided in English

How Much Will a Survey or Home Buyers report cost?

Generally speaking, it is best to obtain an estimate before engaging any work to be undertaken.

A technical survey or a home buyer’s report could cost several thousand euros for a large property.  Expect the Price range from 700.000 euros to up to 4.000 euros as a guide.

A valuation for a mortgage lender will be in the range of 400 euros to 2.000 euros, pending the size of the property to be valued.

On the other hand, a market appraisal by an estate agent will either be offered as part of the listing package or, if required for some legal purpose, again best practice would be to request an estimate.


If you are considering selling your property in Marbella, our market valuation service can provide invaluable guidance and advice on the current market. Our valuation team will be able to determine an accurate market value for your property, giving you the peace of mind that you are making the right decisions when it comes to assessing its worth.

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