Why choose a sole agency listing?

A lot of homeowners who wish to sell their property in Marbella believe the best course of action is to list it with as many different real estate agencies as possible, but this may actually not be in your best interest.

Perceived appeal and value
It may sound a little counter-intuitive, but if you think about it, a property for sale is a product, or even brand, in its own right, that is being offered to the buying public. If such a home is pushed by a myriad of agencies there is a real danger of over-exposure, and this very negatively affects the perceived value, or desirability, of your Marbella home.

It’s especially true of luxury homes in the mid to higher bracket, and seeing a villa plastered across the internet and over-exposed in the market detracts from its allure. It is why, for instance, luxury brands such as Porsche and Ferrari keep a very low-profile, focused approach to advertising and promotion, and the same is true of a luxury home. If you give your property in exclusivity to one or a small number of select agencies, they will safeguard the ‘brand’, also when working with third party agents.

Marketing resources
Besides ensuring that all mention and promotion of the property is presented with taste, integrity and also the correct information, an exclusive listing agent also has the commitment from the homeowner to in return devote its full resources to the marketing and presentation of the home. This includes spending money on professional photography, a quality (digital) brochure and accompanying marketing material, as well as possibly creating a dedicated landing page and organising events such as open houses and attending property shows.

Your agent will not be able to commit to all the above to the same degree if they are just one of many companies promoting your home. This results in a highly diluted promotional and marketing effort, and in an over-exposed property losing appeal after many months on the market.

Contact us for a more detailed conversation about the practicalities and opportunities presented by choosing a dedicated listing agency to represent you in the sale of your Marbella property.



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