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Discover Altos Reales, a premier residential community within Marbella’s famed Golden Mile. Set in the foothills of La Concha Mountain, this secure and exclusive area offers a harmonious blend of luxury, privacy, and convenience. Explore what makes Altos Reales not just an address, but a lifestyle!

The Ultimate Area Guide to Altos Reales Property

Marbella, the vibrant coastal town of Spain, is synonymous with elegant living and stunning landscapes. Within the famed Golden Mile, renowned for its luxury and appeal, Altos Reales is a premier choice, perfectly harmonizing privacy, convenience, and community living. This guide looks at what makes Altos Reales not just an address, but a lifestyle fitting for those who appreciate the finest things in life.

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Altos Reales A Closer Look at the Location

Altos Reales is located in the foothills of the La Concha Mountain overlooking Marbella. It forms part of the area generally known as Sierra Blanca, next to Cascada de Camoján and Monte Paraiso Country Club Golf. It consists of two individual fully gated communities known as Altos Reales A and B.

Positioned within Marbella’s celebrated Golden Mile, Altos Reales enjoys a prime location that adds an extra layer of prestige. Ensconced in the foothills of La Concha Mountain, close to other high-end areas like Cascada de Camoján and Sierra Blanca, Altos Reales offers families and individuals an exclusive and connected lifestyle. Residents enjoy easy access to Marbella city centre, beaches, international schools, and sporting facilities like golf courses, tennis courts, and water sports. For shopping enthusiasts, La Cañada shopping mall and Puerto Banus Marina are just a short drive away, making Altos Reales a convenient hub for every lifestyle need.

Altos Reales A Gated Community

Access to Altos Reales A and B is via a private road leading to individual entrance gates for each community.

These urbanizations are included in some of Marbella’s few genuinely gated and fully private estates. They both have only one point of entry, which is controlled by a 24-hour guard service and the roads within the urbanizations are closed to the public. Generally, the streets in Spain are public and belong to the local town halls, and despite efforts to the contrary, the owners cannot restrict traffic from passing.

Only privately owned estates and communities with their own interior roads are permitted to have controlled access and no through traffic; Altos Reales A & B are private estates.

We reach the gates of Altos Reales A and B via a beautiful palm tree-lined boulevard to arrive at security. Access is strictly controlled and only by authorisation and confirmation with the owners.  The true appeal lies in genuine privacy, with 24/7 security, no through streets, and access by appointment only, ensuring a secure and peaceful environment.

What is the difference between Altos Reales A and B

The two communities of Altos Reales A and Altos Reales B are next door to each other, but each has a distinct feeling and different community setups.

Altos Reales A:

Built-in the early 1990s, this community was built by a developer and has 28 individual villas of varying sizes, each with a private pool and individual gardens.   The villas were built in a modern Art Deco style with distinctive features such as the round towers.  The community set-up from the start was to include the garden and pool maintenance for each home and full-time security in the community fees.  The gardening and security staff are actually employed by the community of owners; this has led to Altos Reales A being one of the safest and most secure areas in Marbella, and it gives the owners ease and peace of mind to live in a place where you do not need to worry once you are at home!

Altos Reales B:

Altos Reales B is more extensive, with larger community green areas. It consists of individual plots where each owner built their homes as individual villas.  Inside Altos Reales B, the owners are responsible for upkeep of their villas, gardens and private pools. The community maintains roads, green spaces, parks, and a paddle court, and, of course, the full-time security at the gate.  Altos Reales B has properties of varying sizes, with some of the finest mansions in Marbella in the compound,  as well as a small luxury apartment complex to the rear of the urbanisation.   There are no through roads, and the urbanisation has very large park-like gardens and green areas for the resident’s enjoyment.

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Local Area Insights

Altos Reales isn’t just known for its luxurious homes and security features; its location is equally compelling. Perfectly situated in the heart of Marbella’s famed Golden Mile, Altos Reales shares close proximity to the affluent Sierra Blanca area. Being near Marbella’s vibrant town centre means that residents have convenient access to a plethora of dining and shopping options, from local boutiques to international brands.

Furthermore, the area is just a short drive away from some of Marbella’s most pristine beaches, offering a variety of water activities and beachside dining opportunities. For those interested in cultural experiences, the town centre offers art galleries, museums, and local events, providing a rich cultural landscape to explore.

But what sets Altos Reales apart is its unique location at the foothills of the scenic La Concha Mountain. This allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have easy access to the energetic social life of Marbella’s Golden Mile, and on the other, the tranquillity and natural beauty of a secluded hillside retreat. This delicate balance makes Altos Reales a residential choice and a lifestyle choice. The community offers unparalleled views spanning from the mountain to the sea, setting the stage for serene mornings and tranquil evenings.

Whether it’s outdoor activities like hiking and water sports, gourmet dining experiences, or cultural immersion you seek, living in Altos Reales means you’re never far from what you value. After a day of exploration or socializing, there’s nothing better than returning home to a peaceful environment where you can unwind with panoramic views that have to be seen to be believed.

Real Estate News and Trends

Altos Reales has consistently been a sought-after location in Marbella’s real estate market, particularly for its balanced offering of both tranquillity and convenience. However, the desirability of the area has further escalated in the post-COVID era, with a marked increase in demand. Currently, very few properties are available for sale in either Altos Reales A or B urbanisations. This scarcity is a testament to the area’s appeal and an indicator of the market’s robustness. When homes become available, they are typically snapped up quickly, often at premium prices.

Whether your preference leans towards contemporary design or more traditional aesthetics, the villas in both Altos Reales A and B meet high standards of quality and style. These communities are not just about shelter; they’re about offering a lifestyle replete with amenities, safety features, and the unparalleled natural beauty of their surroundings.

The consistent stability and positive trends in Marbella’s broader real estate market further add to the allure of Altos Reales. It’s not just a community that offers luxury but one that offers a well-rounded, fulfilling life. As more people look to invest in properties that offer a blend of community features, privacy, and accessibility, Altos Reales continues to stand out as an ideal choice for discerning buyers.”


Altos Reales encapsulates the essence of quality living in Marbella. Beyond its gated walls lies a community that offers more than residences; it promises a lifestyle tailored to those who seek the best of both worlds – urban vibrancy and serene retreat. If this resounds with your aspirations, Altos Reales awaits, with its promise of a home where every day is a blend of comfort, security, and joy. Check out some exceptional homes in Altos Reales and the Golden Mile.

Explore Marbella’s unique charm through Altos Reales. Whether it’s a permanent residence or a vacation haven, let MPDunne & Hamptons International Real Estate guide you in finding the perfect abode that speaks to your lifestyle.

Altos Reales

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Altos Reales - Contemporary villa, Marbella Golden Mile

Located within the tranquil, gated community of Altos Reales on Marbella’s esteemed Golden Mile, this villa captures the essence of...

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  • 5 Beds
  • 2.330 m² Plot
Sale price 13.700.000€

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